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Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Classical Guitar Template Joaquín García, Scale 65,8 mm..

 The guitar peg head and tuning machines.

Classic Guitar Template Joaquín García, Scale 65,8 mm., 
Prosopis nigra and Pinus strobus.

 Eastern White Pine soundboard Shellac varnished.

 Prosopis nigra back and ribs, guitar neck of Paraguayan Cedar.
 Guitar finishing by Shellac.

 Algarrobo guitar back, Shellac finishing.

 Concert guitar made by hand in Buenos Aires by Luthier Rodolfo Cucculelli.

 Guitar ribs of Algarrobo.

 Guitar neck provided with simple action truss rod accesible from the soundhole.

 Guitar fretboard made of Lapacho with 19 frets.

 Guitar neck and heel by Rodolfo Cucculelli.

 Soundhole, Rosette and guitar bridge.

Guitar headstock is American Oak.

Rodolfo Cucculelli Luthier.

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