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Friday, 21 June 2019

8-keelne kitarr, Flamenco Blanca kitarr.

 Flamenco kitarr. Keele mensuur 650 mm. Hiigel-elupuu ja Küpress.

 8-keeleline Flamenco-kitarr, kõlakast Hiigel-elupuu, kaas, golpeador.

 Flamenco Küpress kitarr.

Flamenco-kitarr, sõrmlaua konks, kael.

Livio Gianola Live Concerts Promo

Doñana "Colombiana" - Livio Gianola Flamenco guitarist
Music composed and performed by Livio Gianola
Riprese: Lorenzo Puntoni
Luci: Sergio Spinelli
Montaggio: Sara Luraschi
Registrato presso "LoKoo" Space - Roma

Interview with Livio Gianola and theme "Colombiana"
Interview with Livio Gianola
Directed and edited by Eugene Hertoghe
Camera Barbara Diego and Eugene Hertoghe
Lighted by Sergio Spinelli
Sound Marc Manser
Music "Colombiana" composed and performed by Livio Gianola
Location LoKoo Undefinded Space
Produced by Barbara Diego
Thanks to Sergio Spinelli, Adian Rooymans, Henk Schepers, Koen Vanbrabant
© Image23 Productions - Roma 2014

Flamenco kitarr_lamineeritud kitarri kael.

Rodolfo Cucculelli 8-keeleline hispaania kitarr.  

 Professionaalne käsitsi valmistatud Flamenco kitarr.

Rodolfo Cucculelli, luthier.

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Bass guitar tuned in A, scale 70cm.

 Bass en  guitar in A, scale 70 cm., Fitzroya Cupressoides and Prosopis nigra.

 Bass en  guitar in A, scale 70 cm., 
Fitzroya Cupressoides and Prosopis nigra. 
Guitar tuning is: A1-D2-G2-C3-E3-A3, Shellac varnished.

 Bass en  guitar in A, scale 70 cm.,, 
handmade in Ciudad de  Buenos Aires by Luthier Rodolfo Cucculelli 
over guitar design of Maestro Oscar Roberto Casares. 
Guitar tuning: A1-D2-G2-C3-E3-A3.

 Bass en  guitar in A, Algarrobo guitar ribs 95 mm. to 123 mm., 
guitar neck Khaya senegalensis with Ebony fretboard.

Guitar top Alerce (Fitzroya cupressoides). 

 Ebony headstock.

 Mahogany guitar peghead.

Algarrobo guitar ribs and Ebony fretboard with 19 Alpaca frets.

Rodolfo Cucculelli Luthier.

Monday, 17 June 2019

Guitarra de Flamenco de Ciprés Plantilla Santos Hernández.

 Guitarra flamenca modelo tradicional, modelo Santos Hernández.

 Guitarra Flamenca de Luthier, golpeador transparente, 
tapa de Pino Abeto Suizo.

 Guitarra Flamenco, aros de Ciprés.

Guitarra Flamenco de Concierto.

 Diapasón y tacón de guitarra Flamenca, Rodolfo Cucculelli, luthier.

 Cabeza de guitarra flamenca réplica Santos Hernández.

Rodolfo Cucculelli Luthier.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Classical Guitar Plantilla Antonio de Torres, scale 625 mm.

 Guitar peghead model Antonio de Torres.

 Classical Guitar Plantilla Antonio de Torres, scale 625 mm., 
Canadian White Pine (Pinus strobus) and Ash (Fraxinus latifolia).
 Handmade in Buenos Aires by Rodolfo Cucculelli.

 Plantilla Antonio de Torres scale 62.5 cm, 
top of Canadian White Pine polished with Shellac, 
bridge of Dalbergia nigra and Indian Rosewood fingerboard with 21 frets.

 Guitar top of Canadian White Pine (Pinus strobus) Shellac varnished.

Ash for back and ribs, Paraguayan Cedar neck with
adjustable truss-rod from the soundhole.
Guitar polished with Shellac.

Ash wood for the buitar back, Plantilla Antonio de Torres.

Paraguayan Cedar guitar neck.

Paraguayan Cedar guitar neck with adjustable trussrod djustable from the soundhole. Total thickness of the neck is 15 mm to 16 mm. at the 11th fret.

Ash guitar ribs 85 mm to 93 mm. (Fraxinus latifolia),
 Paraguayan Cedar neck, total thickness 15mm to 16 mm.

Ash guitar ribs (Fraxinus latifolia): 85 mm to 93 mm.

Fretboard of Dalbergia latifolia with 21 frets. 
Width 52 mm at nut and 62 mm at the 12th fret.

Guitar soundhole and rosette. Guitar top of Canadian White Pine (Pinus strobus).

 Ash guitar headplate, bone nut.

Guitar headstock model Antonio de Torres.

Rodolfo Cucculelli Luthier.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Guitare Flamenca à 8 cordes de Concert.

 découpe pointue, le manche, le capot de talon

 la caisse de résonance de Cyprès, finition Gomme-lacque

 Guitare Flamenca à 8 cordes de Concert.

 Guitare Flamenco Blanca à 8 cordes, diapason 650 mm., Èpicéa et Cyprès

 La touche d'ébène avec 20 cases, la Sillet de tête en os.

 La table d’épicéa, le golpeador, le chevalet, la touche d' Ebéne avec 21 frettes.

 La tête de la guitare Flamenco, les chevilles.

Guitare Flamenco Blanca, diapason 650 mm., Èpicéa et Cyprès.

Liutai a Torino luthiers

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Classical guitar, scale 650 mm., model José Ramírez, Italian spruce and figured Poplar.

 Classic guitar, scale 650 mm.

 Custom built Classic guitar, model José Ramírez,
 Italian spruce and figured Poplar.

 Figured Poplar soundboxbox, guitar neck thickness 17 mm, 
guitar sides_ 990 mm. to 112 mm, 
the height of the strings above 12_e band_ 2.9 mm. to 4.3 mm.

 Handmade in Italy guitar, Poplar resonance soundbox.
 French polished Shellac.

 Ceder guitar neck thickness 17 mm, the reverse side of the peghead.

 Guitar head model José Ramírez, bone saddle.

  Guitar head model José Ramírez.

Handmade in Italy Classical guitar scale 650 mm, 
body contour José Ramírez, Italian Alpine Spruce, 
rosette, guitar bridge: Indian Rosewood.

Rodolfo Cucculelli and Giorgio Avezza Luthiers.