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Saturday, 30 September 2017

8-string cutaway Classic guitar, scale 648 mm..

 8-string cutaway guitar, scale 648 mm., Western Red Cedar and Balkan Ash.

 Multistring nylon guitar specially hand-made in Buenos Aires
 for Claudio Ceccoli guitarist and composer.

Duo Claudio Ceccoli y Javier Cohen: "OBLIVION"

 Thuja plicata guitar top, Dalbergia nigra fretboard with 21 frets, 
Bridge made of Dalbergia nigra.

 Made in Buenos Aires Custom guitar, polished with Shellac.

 Balkan Ash cutaway guitar.

 8-string guitar, neck thickness 21 mm. to 22 mm.
 Ash guitar ribs: 93mm. to 100 mm.

  8-string guitar neck, thickness 21 mm. to 22 mm.

Duo Claudio Ceccoli y Javier Cohen: "LUSTRIN"

 Paraguayan Cedar guitar neck and heel: 72 mm at nut and 83 mm at 12th. fret.

  Dalbergia Nigra guitar fretboard. Strings 1st to 8th at nut: 61 mm.,
 at bridge:  80 mm.

 8stringed guitar headstock, Corian nut.

 Cutaway Guitar, soundhole and rosette.

Guitar headstock and Corian nut.

Rodolfo Cucculelli Luthier.

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