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Tuesday, 1 December 2015

8-string Flamenco Blanca guitar, Italian Alpine Spruce and Cypress.

 Cocobolo guitar headstock, bone nut. Traditional Flamenco guitar headstock. Bone nut: 68,5 mm. 1st to 8th string: 59,5 mm. 

 8 string Flamenco guitar, scale lenght 650 mm., Italian Spruce and Cypress, Ebony fretboard with 21 frets, polished with shellac.

 Cypress ribs height: 95 mm to 102 mm, guitar neck made of Honduras Cedar with a truss rod accessible from the soundhole to control the guitar neck relief and strings action over the fingerboard. Neck guitar thickness (included the Ebony fretboard): 17mm. Action of the strings over the frets at 12th fret:  2,4mm. to 4,8 mm. 

  Cypress Back and sides.

 Flamenco guitar neck, total neck thickness: 17 mm.  

 Soundboard Flamenco Blanca guitar, plantilla Ignacio Fleta with Florentine cutaway, Bridge Indian Rosewood. 1st to 8th string at bridge saddle: 81,2 mm. 

Ebony fretboard with 21 frets.

Custom made for Diego Salvetti Flamenco guitarist. 

Rodolfo Cucculelli and Giorgio Avezza Luthiers.

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