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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Custom guitar, scale 64 cm. Plantilla Domingo Esteso. Cypress and Italian Spruce, Ebony fretboard with 21 frets, Shellac polished.

Cocobolo headstock, bone nut, width of fretboard at nut is 51 mm.

 Custom Cypres guitar, scale 64 cm. Top Italian Spruce, custom rosette, Indian Rosewood bridge, compensated bone sadle, clear golpeador, Shellac polished.

  Cypress guitar (rear view) Plantilla Domingo Esteso, scale length 64 cm., total guitar length is 96,5 cm., Shellac polished.

Ebony fretboard with 21 frets.

  Cypress guitar back, Plantilla Domingo Esteso, scale length 64 cm.. Measures of guitar: length 46,3 cm., higher bout: 25,1 cm., waist 21,2 cm., lower bout 33,7 cm. Shellac finishing.

  Cypress guitar ribs, ribs height 96 to 103 mm.. Neck with a truss rod to control neck relief. Total neck thickness is 16 mm. to 17 mm.

Honduras Cedar guitar neck. Neck thickness 16 mm to 17 mm. Guitar neck provided with a truss rod.

You can play and buy this guitar in Borsari (Strumenti Musicali dal 1881)

Giorgio Avezza and Rodolfo Cucculelli

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