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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Decacorde guitar, scale length 628 mm.

Cocobolo headstock, bone nut.

 guitar top made of Italian Alpine Spruce, vanished with Shellac.

10 string guitar neck, heel.

  String length 62,8 cm, total guitar length 97,8 cm. Back and sides European Maple.

 Fretboard made of Indian Rosewood with 21 frets.

 Laudarra guitar, side view, ribs height 99 to 103 mm,

 Laudarra guitar tuning [e’-b-g-d-a-E-D-C-B-A].

10 stringed guitar_scale length 628 mm, total guitar length 97,8 cm_Italian Spruce and European Maple, Indian Rosewood fingerboard with 21 frets.

Rodolfo Cucculelli, luthier.

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