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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

8 string Flamenco Blanca guitar, scale lenght 628 mm., Italian Spruce and Cypress, Ebony fretboard with 22 frets, polished with shellac.

 Ebony guitar headstock with friction pegs, bone nut, strings spacing at nut from 1st to 7th: 54,5 mm..

 8 string Flamenco guitar neck and heel made of Honduras Cedar, total neck thickness: 17 mm. to 18 mm. Shellac varnishing.

 8stringed Cypress Flamenco guitar, total guitar length: 950 mm., Shellac finishing.

 8stringed Flamenco Blanca guitar, total guitar length: 950 mm., Cypress ribs, height of the sides: 96 mm to 112 mm, guitar neck made of Honduras Cedar with a truss rod accessible from the soundhole to control the guitar neck relief and strings action over the fingerboard. Flamenco guitar thickness (included the Ebony fretboard): 17 mm to 18 mm. Action of the strings over the frets at 12th fret: 2,5 mm. to 3 mm..

 8 string Flamenco Blanca guitar, Ebony Fingerboard with 22 frets. Wide of the guitar neck at nut: 61 mm., at 12th fret: 75 mm.

 Flamenco Blanca guitar, golpeador, soundhole, rosette, white golpeador, Rosewood bridge. Distance of strings at saddle 78mm.

Soundboard of Flamenco Blanca guitar with cut-away, long: 46 cm., higher bout 248 mm., waist: 211 mm., lower bout: 335 mm..Ebony fingerboard with 22 frets, white golpeador, bridge made of Indian Rosewood. Guitar polished with shellac.

Rodolfo Cucculelli, hand made in Italy Flamenco guitars.


Owen Wardlaw said...

I love this guitar sooooo much, i am going to try to make a copy of it! its so beautiful

Rodolfo Cucculelli said...

Thank you Sir, good work !