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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Achtsaitige Blanca Flamenco gitarre.

 8-saitige Flamencogitarre, Kopf mit clavijas.

 Achtsaitige flamenco-gitarre, mensur 650 mm., Rot-Zeder & Zypressenholz.

 handgefertigte Flamencogitarre

 Flamencogitarre, hals.

 Achtsaitige flamencogitarre, Rot-Zeder decke, 
golpeador (pickguard), rosette, Wenge steg, schellak handpolitur.


 Custom Flamenco-gitarre, Zargen in Zypressenholz.

 Livio Gianola Youtube Flamencogitarre video:

Livio Gianola Live Concerts Promo

Doñana "Colombiana" - Livio Gianola Flamenco guitarist
Music composed and performed by Livio Gianola
Riprese: Lorenzo Puntoni
Luci: Sergio Spinelli
Montaggio: Sara Luraschi
Registrato presso "LoKoo" Space - Roma

Interview with Livio Gianola and theme "Colombiana"
Interview with Livio Gianola
Directed and edited by Eugene Hertoghe
Camera Barbara Diego and Eugene Hertoghe
Lighted by Sergio Spinelli
Sound Marc Manser
Music "Colombiana" composed and performed by Livio Gianola
Location LoKoo Undefinded Space
Produced by Barbara Diego
Thanks to Sergio Spinelli, Adian Rooymans, Henk Schepers, Koen Vanbrabant
© Image23 Productions - Roma 2014

Rodolfo Cucculelli, gitarrenbauer.

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